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Please Note:  We will be taking down this website by the end of March 2019. The club is doing well, but has changed it's focus. Please use the Facebook Group link (left) for updates. Member correspondence will be by means of texts and emails

Welcome to Red Valley

Red Valley Saddle Club is venturing into an exciting time for change. A local riding club will always have a foundational value in the lives of riders. It is at these clubs we connect with others who have a passion for horses; it is where young riders get their first taste of competition, and riders who enjoy the thrill of competing but have no interest making the larger circuit investments come to play, and where big circuit riders come back to for practice; it's in these spaces we learn a new trick or two, some piece of wisdom that makes the world of a difference in how you ride or care for your horse. The local riding club is a space where members support each other through many moments of laughter, like when your horse tries to roll in the sand during a class; tears, from spills or the loss of a good horse and through celebration of a ribbon or personal best. Red Valley commits to continuing to hold this space for its members as we move through this process of change.  The format of hosting shows monthly has come to close for the 2019 year and we now seek to build a new structure that meets the need of today's riders while maintaining these foundational qualities.

Below you will see an ambitious start to this new journey as members have started to share their thoughts on what this could be. This list of activities will be used to spark our organizational meeting held Sunday, March 3rd at 1pm in the office of The Blanket Smith (Pam Grants house). Peewee parents, Youth volunteers, Members, you are all welcome to come establish our 2019 calendar of events and if you are unable to attend, please contribute to the chart any activities you would like the group to discuss.

Address: 6947 Olde Dr, Strathroy-Caradoc

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2018 Awards Banquet

Sunday February 17, 2019

Amy's Place, Strathroy

Thanks to everyone who attended

Many thanks to everyone that came out to support the Larry Johnson Memorial  Barrel Race hosted by Red Valley Saddle Club. Photos are below. It was a wet night but worth waiting out the rain with a $1,585 jackpot to hand out to the winners of the 3D race. The grounds looked great for this big horse show weekend thanks to our friends and supporters that are behind the scenes: Rolf Neumann of Vandex Manufacturing for keeping up with the weed trimming; Kayla Wilson and family for getting the pen in shape; Total Landscape for being on hand with water if needed ; Falconer Transport for providing a manure bin and Strathroy Caradoc Parks & Recreation for being great "landlords" . 

Message from Kate:

Home from a wet 2nd annual memorial! I don’t even know where to begin! THANK YOU ALL SO SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP! Kayla Wilson FOR RUNNING THE TRACTOR AND KEEPING THE PENS IN TIP TOP SHAPE! Liz Faria/ Lucy Lopes for running the food booth the food was delicious! Ken McLellan for being the best announcer around! Pam Grant Wendy Hope Jordy Free for keeping the entry booth in order and making sure everyone got their money
?. Thank you to all my family for support and donations! THANK YOU TO SPONSORS: Johnson family, Frank family, Faria family, Fischtner family, Rogue North, Tara Foy, Hall family/ Rusty Gaits, Red Valley Saddle Club, Total Landscaping for watering the pens, Falconers for donating a manure container. If it wasn’t for you guys this wouldn’t have been the way it was! Also a huge thank you to the exhibitors for still running in the rain and making it a great turn out:)  A special thanks to Liz at Reride for donating a 25$ gift certificate and a bridle and breast collar set thank you liz for your continuous support and donations. The winners were Mackenzie Murdock won the gift card, and Lindsay Medland won the bridle and breast collar



The 2017 Awards Brunch held Sunday February 18 at Amys Place was a great success! Thanks to everyone who helped make the day go smoothly. Please see Photos / Sponsors for photos of the award winners

2017 Show Photos are posted.  See Photos / Sponsors

Thanks to all who participated in our 2017 trail ride and pot luck. It was a great success !

Congratulations to the Purina Feed Cupon Winners on Saturday July 21, 2018

As of 2016 We Have New Pens in a New Location on the Grounds. Check out the Photos below. Many Thanks to those who made the effort to help out!

We also want to thank our Fence Suppliers for their amazing efforts to get us up and running for the first show

Red Valley featured in the April 2015 Keeping It Local Magazine !

Red Valley Saddle Club celebrating 55 Ye[...]
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Red Valley Saddle Club celebrating 55 Ye[...]
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Red Valley Saddle Club prides itself on creating friendships and a welcoming atmosphere.  We strive to keep our members active and involved in all aspects of our club.  Red Valley is always looking for new members to join and become active members of our club. To learn more, please contact Pam Grant 519-289-1485 or email us at,  info@red-valley-saddle-club.org

Equine sports aren't just an important way to stay fit and trim. When you make a connection with your equine partner, nothing is impossible.

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Poag's Jewelers

Hoskins Feed and Country Store

Caradoc Animal Clinic

Purina Canada, Cargill Animal Nutrition

Rob Derbyshire - Sandy Knowle Farm


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